For an authentic trip to Marrakech

A quad bike ride in the desert

The agency offers several tourist products. It organizes among other things excursions in quad Marrakech. It is an experience that is shared with the family, whatever it seduces especially the fans of sport car. A wide choice of itineraries is offered to the clients of the agency.

There are, among others, simpler routes that lead walkers to Lake Lalla Takerkoust or the historic town of Essaouira and its large fishing port that opens to the Atlantic Ocean. Certain circuits are more complicated like that linking Zagora to the desert dunes. They include a real crossing in the desert.

Whichever route is chosen, tourists who decide to go quad biking in Marrakech are entitled to the accompaniment of the professional guides of the agency. Quads Excursion Marrakech also ensures their safety by providing them with various protective equipment including helmets and glasses.

Camel ride

For tourists who are not tempted by the Marrakech quad bike, the agency offers them an adventure under the sign of relaxation. This is the Chameau Marrakech walk, a way to admire the beauty of the region, to spend an unforgettable moment and to feel a unique sensation.

As for the destination, tourists will explore the palm grove, the historic cities of Marrakech and other sites that make the reputation of the red city. A few stops are often offered to allow dromedaries to catch their breath and to give the tourists the pleasure of refreshing themselves with a cup of tea.

The agency has taken adequate steps to make the walk pleasant. The agency offers each shesh walker. Thanks to this equipment, they can be easily installed on the back of the dromedary. A guide of the agency also accompanies them throughout the walk.

Adventures for the more athletic

Quads Excursion Marrakech has not forgotten the tourists in search of a surge of adrenaline. The agency invites them for example to test the adventure 2 in 1. It combines the ride Camel Marrakech and the quad escapade. The itineraries have been well studied so that the excursion is made in the best conditions possible.

The agency also organizes 3 to 4 day raids in the desert. Adventurers choose the course that suits them, taking into account their physical capacity and the places they want to discover. They can experience the trip in the Sahara desert or the green walk through the palm grove.

The buggy ride completes the offers of Quad Excursion Marrakech. The clients of the agency can choose between short and long journeys and simple or complex routes. Their safety is always guaranteed regardless of the type of route they have selected.

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